Other People’s Slides

A collaborative imagined memory – shown at WTF2012

Using found photographic slides from other people’s lives, each participant was invited to interpret an image and create part of a story based on their imagined memory of the event depicted in the slide. In an old caravan, each participant selected one slide, which was projected on a small screen, and then typed their part of the story on a vintage typewriter. The process was facilitated by the participant first seeing the previous slide in the story and the previous participants typewritten transcript.

After the ‘memories’ had been collected, the installation culminated in a performance where typewritten text was read live by electronic voice in combination with a slide show.

We had a fantastic response with over 30 participants, who loved helping to create what turned out to be both a very funny and moving experience when performed live. A video of the performance will be available soon.

OPS1.0 at WTF2012

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